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Audiometer LS-0402C

(Item No: 116007)


Audiometer LS-0402C is designed and manufactured by Lisound for quick and basic
hearing evaluation at hearing aid fitting centers, clinics and even hospitals. LS-0402C is
portable and simple to use. It's a perfect choice for those who desire quick and efficient
hearing testing.



 Portable Design
 Quick to Learn, Easy to Use
 Independent Operation, No PC Required
 Air Conduction: TDH 39 Headphone
 Bone Conduction: B71 Bone Vibrator
 Pure, Warble, Pulse Tones
 Contra-lateral Masking with Narrow-Band Noise
 Built-in Talk Forward System (TB)
 11 Test Frequencies Ranging from 125Hz to 8000 Hz
 Intensity from -10dB to 120 dB in steps of 5 dB
 Frequency Accuracy: ±2%
 Total Harmonic Distortion: Air ≤2.5%, Bone ≤5.5%
 Working Power: DC12V through External Power Supply 


                                                                            Standard Accessories




  Optional Accessory
          Bone Conduction Vibrator B71