Hearing Aid
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Sense is our new series product which contain perfect housing design and outstanding performance. The detail
features are as follow: 


Fashionable and Miniature Design Durable VC for Easy Use
Fully Digital Processing Low Battery Indicator 
5-Channel WDRC Processing  Power On Delay
AGC-O With Variable Threshold Audible Memory Indicator
Up To 4 Memories Battery Size:13A
  Capable of Processing Signal Input up to 115dB  Available in: BTE,Open-Fit BTE,CIC,ITC,ITE,FPK
  without Distortion   Option: Thin Tube
Adaptive Feedback Cancellation    
Automatic Noise Reduction     
Programmable Setup for LC And HC    


  OSPL90 Curve  ------  Full on Gain Curve

      Fitting Range   ········· with earmold



             Prewired Faceplate Kit