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How to Open a Franchised Lisound Fitting Center


1.  Preparation:

1.1  The applicant can contact Lisound via telephone, fax or email for details of how to open a franchised Lisound fitting center.

1.2  The applicant proposes a Letter/Form of Application to Lisound.

1.3  Lisound evaluates the qualification of the applicant and inform the applicant about the assessment.    

2.  Lisound Franchise Contract:

2.1  The applicant and Lisound sign a Lisound Franchise Contract.

2.2  The Contract determines the legal relationship between both sides: Franchiser and Franchisee

3.  Professional Training:

3.1  Franchisee should send at least two staff to Lisound for basic trainings and prepay for the training fee of US$2000.00. The training fee  could be regarded as prepayment for the equipment and devices.

3.2  The basic training course lasts for one week, with the dates and place determined by Lisound.

3.3  Lisound arranges the accommodations for the trainees, and Franchisee takes the charge of other costs like travelling expenses.

3.4  The trainees will acquire the Qualification Certificate issued by Lisound after passing the qualification exams. 

4.  Required Equipments and Devices:

4.1  Franchisee purchases the basic equipment and devices. See “Equipment List for Franchised Lisound Fitting Center”.

4.2  Franchisee purchases other necessary fitting tools, materials, decorations etc.

5.  Location and Fitment of the Fitting Center:

5.1  Lisound will offer some suggestions on how to choose the location and on the fitment for the fitting center.

5.2  Franchisee should send the location illustration and the layout of the Center to Lisound for filing.

6.  Business License:

6.1  Franchisee should handle all the business licenses regulated by the local government.

7.  Opening Support:

7.1  Lisound could send professionals to assist with the business at the opening of the Center.