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 Master is our new series product which contain perfect housing design and outstanding performance. The detail
 features are as follow:


Moisture Free Tinnitus Treatment
100% Digital Signal Processing Up to 4 Configurable Memories
High Fidelity Audio Codec Power On Delay
16-channel WDRC Compression Low Battery Indicator with Changeable
Capable Of Processing Signal Input Up to 115dB   Frequency and Volume
  with No Distortion Audible Memory Change Indicator with
Adjustable AGCO Output Limiting   Changeable Frequency and Volume
Improved Layered Adaptive Noise Reduction Easy Phone
3rd Generation Dynamic Feedback Cancellation Rocker Switch
Adaptive Directional Microphone Processing Battery Size: 13A
iLog Data Logging Available in: BTE,Open-Fit BTE,CIC,ITC,ITE,FPK


  OSPL90 Curve  ------  Full on Gain Curve


      Fitting Range   ········· with earmold



        Prewired Faceplate kit